Interview with Upcoming Artist: Edub

Interview with Upcoming Artist: Edub

Sooo, I came across an artist the other day on Soundcloud and I felt hyped enough to get in touch so we could get an interview for you guys.

His music has that airy, raw, gritty sound, which instantly makes your head nod. Born Eric Nelson, (EDUB) is a professional audio engineer. He studied at The Los Angeles Film School and is working towards making a name for himself in the world of audio. Whether it be music production, recording, mixing, mastering, or even sound design, audio is his obsession. Edub recently released his own instrumental album called MERIDIAN. The project is comprised of heavy drum loops, airy samples and few select features from artists EPICMUSTDIE, Whiskey Rou, and Nick.

Before we get stated, take a peep at a past project “Meridian”…

So Edub, where are you from?

A: I currently live in LA but I lived in Long Beach for most of my life.

You pretty much lived on the West Coast your whole life. Who would you say musically from that region influenced you, and why?

A: Sublime was the reason I started playing instruments. As a kid they had the biggest impact on me, mostly because my dad was into them and that’s just what I grew up hearing.

What do you think of the state of the hiphop indie scene right now in Los Angeles?

A: LA is dope, a lot of fresh shit coming out for sure.

Who/what has influenced you to produce music?

A: Making beats? In high school my friend Nick got a Maschine and we started making beats. At first it was something very casually done but then became all I did. I mean I played guitar and some keys when I was in like 4th grade but I didn’t start making my own music until I was 17. I then continued to pursue it through college. Once I started making beats Ye and Timbaland were my favorite producers.

From your profile, you say audio is your passion. From sound design, to mastering, to recording, to music production, what do you enjoy doing the most?

A: Making my own music is the most satisfying for me. I like seeing people’s reaction to it. The creativity it takes to make a new sound when you only have 12 notes to work with is the challenge that I enjoy.

What would be your dessert island piece of audio equipment?

A: My laptop. Haha, that’s all I really need.

Do you normally prefer to write/produce alone?

A: When I’m working on solo stuff I like to be alone so I can focus without any distractions. But when I’m working with vocalists I like them to be there. It feels more organic that way.

Are you often open to collaborations?

A: Hell yeah, I probably collaborate more than work solo. I have several artists I collaborate with on the regular.

Are there any established local artists you’ve haven’t worked with and would like to?

A: I am opened to work with all sorts of different artist. I enjoy the diversity in all things. Kanye and Timbaland are like the only people I really look up too though. On the other hand there are a few engineers that I wouldn’t mind working with.

Do you prefer performing live, or do you prefer being in the studio, producing/writing?

A: The studio is more entertaining personally. That’s where all the creativity and enjoyment happens for me. But shows are cool too.

You recently released an instrumental album called MERIDIAN. Tell me more about why you chose that word to best describe your creative effort.

A: Meridian is a street by my house. I liked the way the letters looked together and how it sounded. I later found out it had a cool meaning “Imaginary great circle on the Earths plane.” When I create my music it feels as that great imagination is expressed through my beats, so I kept the name.

The album has a distinctive sound. It has this airy, bit crusher, slo-mo feel to it. This production style seems to differ from your previous works. Is this a new approach to future Edub productions?

A: I didn’t try to do that. I think I’m just developing as an artist and with that there will be many changes as time goes on. What I like and what I don’t like is changing everyday and I do stay consistent most of the time. But there are those moments of growth within my work and so that’s probably why it sounds different.

Tell me about where you go mentally, what kind of a place do you go, when you produce/write most of your material?

A: Well I’m an emotional dude, so most of my creations stem from my mood or what I’m going thru. Those emotions motivate me to go create and express myself musically.

What is the best way for people to get hold of you off and online?

A: You might catch me out in Silver Lake on Sunset Blvd where I work or you can check out my website ( There is a contact page where you can send an email from the site.

Lastly, are there any closing words you’d like to say?

A: Never stop doing what you love. It’s really the only way to be happy. I can’t stress that enough. Happiness comes from within and once you learn too be okay with who you truly are there’s really nothing that can bring you down.

Garf Richards

Ahh those are wise words, and words I definitely live by. Anyway, I just want to say thanks for your time Edub, it was great talking with you. All the best on all your future endeavours, and for everyone out there, have a listen to the single “Morning”, below from Edub’s upcoming project, “Ubiquity”. Look out for it and if you like what you hear, feel free to share it on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and G+!