Interview with Upcoming Producer: Venomous

Interview with Upcoming Producer: Venomous

Guys, I ran into Venomous and had to ask for an interview. Dude has straight fiyah from the boards, has a few collabs under his belt and is a close neighbour to us here in the UK.

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So Venomous, where are you from?

– I’m from Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Guess most people have heard of it before for obvious reasons haha.

Who would you say musically from that region influenced you, and why?

– In my earlier years subconsciously by my dad. But on a ‘’rap beat’’ level probably Cliften Jazznille a pioneer in the dutch rap scene. He and his group ‘’De Spookrijder’’ were the first ones in the late 90’s that came on TV with rap that wasn’t sugarcoated. He took me under his wing when I was about 13 he inspired my to start. Not necessarily on the technical field but more in life lessons and what to expect from the game and by encouraging me. I can’t forget my cousin and partner in crime Victorino we still influence each other on a daily basis.

What do you think of the state of the hiphop indie scene right now in your country?

– It’s growing but because it’s a small country the skilled ones that don’t go super commercial have to fight over crumbs which can be demotivating at times. As a producer you can work around that but it’s hard for a lot of rappers.

Who/what has influenced you to produce music?

– I started with rapping when I was about 13, but when I got introduced to reason 1 (DAW) for the first time it felt way better than spitting bars. Once I started getting more familiar with the program producers like Dr Dre, Lil jon, and Scott Storch inspired me.

What would be your dessert island piece of audio equipment?

– I’d need a computer and a midi keyboard because I hate drawing in keys in piano rolls.

Do you normally prefer to write/produce alone?

– Alone usually works the best for me to get in that zone. Or with people that I can really trust and that have a creative mind too. Writing is usually better with someone around.

Are you often open to collaborations?

– Collabs can be a blessing or a curse. When it comes to artists it’s not really a problem. But I’m always careful when it comes to collaborating with other producers.

Are there any established local artists you’ve haven’t worked with and would like to?

– Not really, I’m trying to move more international. I’d like to work with Fabolous he’s my favorite rapper.

Do you prefer performing live, or do you prefer being in the studio, producing/writing?

– Studio, probably every producers answer.

Tell me about where you go mentally, what kind of a place do you go, when you produce/write most of your material?

– That depends really. But what I’m aiming for is that euphoric feeling where you just know you did it again. Once in that state of mind confidence grows tremendously. That feeling is DRUGS. A good way to explain it is music is like a puzzle. Whenever you in that zone the pieces just fall together. The better you get the harder it gets to get that feeling because you have to surpass your last victory.

What is the best way for people to get hold of you off and online?


Lastly, are there any closing words you’d like to say?

I would like to thank the whole blogforbeats crew for this interview!

Haha no doubt! It was a pleasure. We all look forward to whatever’s new from your camp. If you ever need promotion, just give me a holla!